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Admission Categories

  • Degree-Seeking Students - A student who is enrolled in a master's program and working towards earning a degree.
  • Graduate Certificate Students - A certificate student is enrolled in one of the certificate programs. Graduate certificate students may have the option to apply courses taken in their certificate program to a future master's degree if they are admitted to a degree program and have the permission of the program director.
  • Non-Degree Seeking Students - A non-degree seeking student is enrolled in graduate-level courses, but is not a degree candidate.  Depending upon the program, between six and 12 credit hours taken as a non-degree student may be applied toward degree requirements if the student is later admitted as a degree-seeking student. Please note some graduate programs and/or courses may be closed to non-degree or part-time students, as well as students currently enrolled in other graduate programs.
  • Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens may apply to the Graduate School as either non-degree or degree-seeking students.

Applications and all required materials should adhere to program deadlines.  Information on materials and deadlines can be found on the list of degree and certificate programs.  All graduate applications are reviewed by the individual programs, whether degree- or non-degree seeking

Those wishing to be categorized as senior citizens must be at least 60 years or older and submit the following to the Graduate School:

    1) An online application to the Graduate School
    2) The addendum for Senior Citizen Tuition Status
    3) Proof of age (valid S.C. driver's license)

Successful applicants enrolling under the senior citizen tuition status must pay a $50 registration fee each semseter they enroll in courses.  The $50 application fee DOES NOT include the $50 registration fee.

Senior citizens can review further registration information, procedures, and dates on the Registrar's website.

Senior citizens approved for the reduced tuition status do not pay tuition, but may need purchase books and pay additional course fees.  These fees can be paid online using the MyCharleston portal or in person at the Treasurer's Office (10 on any campus map).

This program is legislated by the South Carolina General Assembly and made available to qualified students through the College of Charleston Office of Admissions.

Non-degree Seeking Students

A non-degree seeking student is one who enrolls in a graduate-level course, but is not a degree candidate. Depending upon the program, between six and twelve credit hours taken as a non-degree student may be applied toward degree requirements if you are later admitted to a degree program.

To apply as a non-degree student, simply submit an application, your application fee of $50.00 and transcripts from your undergraduate institution.

Please note that if you are a teacher applying as a non-degree student, please be sure to choose the non-degree in Education application from the application menu when prompted.

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