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Diversity and Community Resources

The Graduate School is committed to being a diverse community of people with ideas and approaches that make a difference locally, nationally and globally. 

At the core of our diversity philosophy is a belief that multicultural learning is truly an integral part of our personal, social and moral growth—as individuals and as a university. This is particularly true for graduate students, who are charged with developing solutions, processes and products for all people. We are committed to fostering thought, dialogue and active engagement around social justice, diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Renard Harris, Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer explains our campus commitment in creating and sustaining a vibrant learning, academic and social environment where each person can flourish.


The Graduate School is committed to:

  • Building a secure, welcoming academic and social environment where each person can flourish
  • Increasing the enrollment of underrepresented minorities and women
  • Recruiting diverse students
  • Providing all students, faculty and staff with the necessary support to succeed

The Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Council intentionally strives to cultivate opportunities for diverse student resources comprising faculty, students and staff who represent a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Through facilitated trainings, workshops and dialogues, we provide opportunities for both students and staff to enhance their skills and deepen their understanding around issues of diversity and inclusivity.

The Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Council is a group of peer educators who dare to be aspirational in imaging a better UCSC community, a community that recognizes the inherent dignity and potential of every student and person. We believe that every student should have a stake in creating a community to which they have a right to belong. We work to create a better community by centering student voices, and fostering brave spaces across campus where we can show up for each other with a sense of urgency. We hope to use our voices to advocate and amplify the voices that need to be heard the most in creating the community that we deserve. Find your seat at the table. Join us!

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