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Cara Delay

Associate Professor of History

Cara Delay - Fulbright in Ireland

Pictured at right is Dr. Delay leading a discussion on reproduction and motherhood. Also pictured below: Delay at a church site in Ireland.

Supported by the University College Dublin Humanities Institute, Associate Professor of History Cara Delay received a year-long Fulbright Scholar fellowship to begin researching and writing Desolate Journeys: Reproduction and Motherhood in Ireland. This project investigates women’s experiences of sex and reproduction as well as the ways in which late twentieth-century Irish society perceived and represented reproduction and motherhood.

From August 2012-June 2013, she conducted archival research in Dublin and Belfast at the National Archives, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Nursing and Midwifery Archive, and Royal College of Physicians Ireland Heritage Centre, focusing her analysis on illegal abortion in Ireland and Northern Ireland from 1900 to 1970. Abortion trial records tell complex and complicated stories, and, when read closely, shed new light on women’s reproductive experiences and their decision-making processes.

Talks and Presentations given:

  • “Backstreet to Britain: Abortion Narratives in Twentieth-Century Irish Courts.” American Conference for Irish Studies annual meeting, Chicago, April 2013.
  • “Noxious Things: Illegal Abortion Cases in Twentieth-Century Ireland.” Center for the History of Medicine in Ireland Seminar Series, Dublin, April 2013.
  • “All the Dirty Work: Backstreet Abortion in Twentieth-Century Ireland.” Plenary address, Dangerous Women and Women in Danger conference, Queen’s University Belfast, March 2013.
  • “Abortion in Twentieth-Century Ireland.” Arcadia Seminar Series, Dublin, March 2013.

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Cara Delay - Fulbright in Ireland
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