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Faculty members should use the following files to access current Faculty Research and Development guidelines on funding and the required forms.  If you have any questions, contact the Graduate School Office (843.953.5614).  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the PDF forms below.)

Guidelines and Forms

Proposal Examples

Research and Development Awards

Congratulations to all award recipients. Below are the awards granted, listed chronologically.

Awards granted in 2013

Awards granted in 2014

Round 1, Spring 2014

  • Jarod Charzewski, Grand Canyon Residency Project
  • Isaure de Buron, Identification of the vector species and infective spores of the spotted seatrout muscle dwelling parasite, Kudoa inornata
  • Julia Eichelberger, Eudora Welty's Correspondence with Frank Lyell, 1930-1977
  • Benjamin Fraser, Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre and the Humanities (book manuscript)
  • Daniel Greenberg, Personality, Sociability, and Autobiographical Memory
  • Michael Hemphill, Positive Youth Development Outcomes in an After-School Squash Program
  • Amy Kolak, Follow-up to the Terrific Twos Study
  • Jordan Ragusa, Grant-in-Time Proposal for Congressional Learning and Economic Voting

Round 2, Summer 2014
  • Iana Anguelova, Particle Correspondences and Combinations: Field Theory Descriptions and Mathematical Identities
  • David Boucher, Employing Atomic Force Microscopy to Study Polymer and Polymer-Carbon Nanotube Films
  • Rebekah Compton, Venus and the Arts of Love in Renaissance Florence
  • Margaret Cormack, Electronic Iceland
  • Phillip Dustan, Proactive Ecological Reef Restoration for the Caribbean Coral Reefs
  • Hollis France, Locating the Social Economy through the Lens of the Wowetta Women's Income Generating Enterprise
  • Renaud Geslain, tRNA as Therapeutic Agent of Huntington's Disease
  • Mary Beth Heston, State Building: Royal Architecture in Colonial Era Kerala, South India
  • Melissa Hughes & Allan Strand, When Birds Do Sing: A Collaborative Study of Song Function in Song Sparrows
  • Stephane Lafortune, Surfactunt Fronts Propagating on a Thin Liquid Film
  • Beth Riley Lloyd, Understanding Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs about Mathematics
  • David Parisi, Touch Machines: An Archeology of Haptic Interfacing
  • Scott Peeples & Michelle Van Parys, Poe Places
  • Emily Rosko, Weather Inventions (Third Poetry Collection)
  • Michael Ruscio, Species Differences in Estrogen Receptor Alpha
  • Elijah Siegler, American Daoism in History and Practice
  • Jacob Steere-Williams, The Filth Disease: Typhoid Fever and the Practices of Epidemiology in Victorian Britain

Round 3, Fall 2014
  • Agnes Ayme-Southgate, Elastic proteins in insect flight muscles
  • Christine Finnan, Educating the "Poorest of the Poor:" A Study of a Residential School for India's Tribal Children
  • Eric McElroy, The morphological, physiological and fitness consequences of parasitic infection in a fish
  • Lisa Signori, Mirrors in the Text: The Process of Writing and the Creation of Meaning in the Works of Amélie Nothomb
  • Beth Sundstrom, Understanding knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral determinants for contraceptive use decision-making among reproductive-aged women
  • Annette Watson, Koyukon Athabascan Adaptations for Food Security: Understanding Historic and Contemporary Strategies for Sustainable Environmental Management in the Northwest Boreal Forest
  • Ya You, The impact of social media on new product sales, and customer acquisition and retention for established products
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