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Faculty members should use the following files to access current Faculty Research and Development guidelines on funding and the required forms.  If you have any questions, contact the Graduate School Office (843.953.5614).  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open the PDF forms below.)

Guidelines and Forms

Proposal Examples

Research and Development Awards

Congratulations to all award recipients. Below are the awards granted, listed chronologically.

Awards granted in 2012

Awards granted in 2013

Round 1, Spring 2013

  • Barbara Duval, A group of fine art prints utilizing new photo-based process
  • Miriam Klous, Influence of reaching while standing on balance in healthy young and early adults
  • Gretchen McLaine, Laban reconstruction as a tool for understanding history and deepening the performance experience
  • Leigh Moscowitz, The battle over marriage: Gay rights activism through the media
  • Scott Poole, Vampira! Hollywood horror and gender rebellion in the American fifties
  • Alem Teklu, Visualization of the invisible using Schlieren imaging method

Round 2, Summer 2013

  • Hilary Barnes, Veneto-Spanish bilingualism in Mexico
  • John Chadwick, Chemical clues from the Earth's mantle: Xenoliths from Tubaf Volcano, Papua New Guinea
  • Lisa Covert, Defining a place, defining a nation: National identity and economic development in twentieth-century Mexico
  • Jason Coy, Divination and the Devil in early modern Germany
  • Tessa Garton, All Things Stone: New research into medieval masons and sculptors
  • M. Scott Harris, Ice-Age history of a high-altitude fault-bound valley (Fish Lake, VT)
  • Jason Howell, Numerical methods for hemodynamical flows
  • Tammy Ingram, The Phenix City story: Murder, myth, and moviemaking in the South
  • Bo Kai, Semiparametric rank regression
  • Narayanan Kuthirummal, Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline (PANI) conducting polymer composites
  • Guoli Liu, New development in Chinese foreign policy
  • Elizabeth Martinez-Gibson, The use of English in Spain's store-front signs: Communication or trendiness?
  • William Garrett Mitchener, Using simulation to understand the evolutionary function of genetic diversity and diploid genome structure
  • Jim Newhard, Imaging, analysis, and publication of the Linear B tablets from Pylos
  • Sarah Owens, Research on Sor Jerónima de la Asunción at the Vatican Secret Archives
  • Jin-Hong Park, Examining deterrence of adult sex crimes: A semi-parametric intervention time series approach
  • Craig Plante, Roles of disturbance and immigration in shaping benthic microalgal community structure: Tests of neutral theory
  • Marc Regnier, Brasilia: Chamber and solo work for guitar
  • Olivia Thompson, Diabetic kidney disease: Is exposure to toxic heavy metals partially to blame?

Round 3, Fall 2013

  • Steve Johnson, Intaglio print project: Fourth estate
  • Kevin Keenan, Shifting place ontologies and hazard perception in a global city: An analysis of New York City's Global Financial Industry as it Responds to Terrorism
  • Nancy Nenno, Extending the African-German diaspora into Austria
  • Moore Quinn, Performances, legacies, and archives: A study of Irish border communities in transition 
  • Jennifer Wright, The role of pretend play in young children's moral development
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