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Graduate Research Poster Session

An Annual Presentation of Student Projects

The Graduate Student Research Poster Session is held annually, usually near the start of the Spring semester. The poster session provides an introduction to the impressive research activities currently taking place in our graduate programs. It also recognizes the ongoing contributions of graduate students, faculty, and alumni to the betterment of our local, state and global communities. Graduate students apply each fall using the poster presentation guidelines.

2015 Poster Session Photo Gallery

Winners from the 2015 Poster Session:

Thirty-one graduate student posters were presented at the 9th Annual Graduate Research Poster session on Feb. 19, 2015. The top poster presenters were (in alphabetical order):
Humanities, Applied Sciences and Professional category winner
  • Andrew Wynne, candidate in Environmental Studies (Peace Corps Master’s International program), “Sustaining the Flow: Designing a Community-Based Participatory Solid Waste Management Program for Urban Rivers in Tabaco City, Albay, Philippines”


Natural Sciences and Abstract Mathematics category winner
  • Whitney L. Heuring, candidate in Marine Biology program, “Do Females Set the Stage? The Roles of Female Aggression and Spacing in Monogamous Snapping Shrimp”


People’s Choice award-winner
  • Robert M. Edman, candidate in Marine Biology program, “Movement Patterns and Trophic Ecology of Tiger Sharks Caught off the Southeast Coast of the United States”


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