Things To Do After Applying To Graduate

Complete your Degree Check

Use DegreeWorks in MyPortal to see that you have met your program's degree requirements.  Please check with your program director if you are missing any requirements.

If you have transfer credit, please work with your Program Director to fill out the proper form.  Also make sure the Graduate School office has received an official transcript from the transfer credit institution.

If you are completing a thesis, you must submit your thesis by midnight on the last day of classes of the term.  However, a thesis cannot be submitted to the Graduate School prior to the application deadline of the term.

If comprehensive exams are required for your program, you must complete this requirement no later than the last day of classes of the term.  

Take Financial Aid Exit Interviews

You must complete the FAFSA online exit interview if you paid for any part of your graduate education with loans. Contact the Department of Education if you have forgotten your FSA ID.  

If you received a Stafford Loan, you must complete the exit interview associated with that loan.

You will not receive your diploma until this step has been completed.

Purchase Graduation Regalia

To purchase regalia online, visit Oak Hall's website.  This method requires payment for shipping.

To purchase regalia in person, contact the College Bookstore at 843-953-5518 or 160 Calhoun street.

The deadline to order regalia online via Oak Hall's website is TBD.
The deadline to order regalia in person at the Bookstore is TBD.

  • Prices are subject to change and do not include SC sales tax or shipping costs.
    • Hood, robe, cap, and tassel combo: $90.00
    • Hood: $39.55
    • Robe: $35.00 
    • Cap: $10.00
    • Tassel: $6.00
  • Check your regalia to ensure you have all items and the correct color hood.
    • Accountancy: Drab
    • Business Administration: Drab
    • Child Life: Sage Green
    • Communication: Silver 
    • Computer & Information Sciences: Gold
    • Concurrent MS/MPA: Peacock Blue & Gold (2 hoods)
    • Creative Writing: Brown
    • Data Science & Analytics: Gold
    • Education: Light Blue 
    • English: White 
    • Environmental & Sustainability Studies: Gold
    • History: White 
    • Marine Biology: Gold 
    • Mathematical Sciences: Gold 
    • Public Administration: Peacock Blue
  • Master's candidates must wear black robes and caps, as well as their discipline's corresponding hood.
  • Graduate certificate students are not eligible to participate in Commencement ceremonies.
  • Graduate students do not receive Latin Honors or honor medallions. 
  • Graduate students do not carry flowers during the ceremony.
  • Purchase or secure any cords or sashes directly from the association or society to which you belong.

Submit your Hometown News Press Release and
Order Graduation Announcements

The College of Charleston regularly distributes News Releases announcing graduation, awards, offices held and other student accomplishments.  Share the news by filling out and submitting this form.  

Personalized announcements may be ordered online through Balfour.  Place your order 4-6 weeks before graduation, and mail your announcements two weeks before the ceremony.