Students who are non-residents of South Carolina may be eligible for funds that cover a portion of the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates. These funds are a form of financial aid provided by the institution.

Requirements & Eligibility

To qualify for an abatement, an out-of-state student must be awarded an assistantship or qualifying scholarship.  Athletic or external scholarships do not qualify out-of-state students for an abatement.  Regular student employment also does not qualify out-of-state students for an abatement.  Priority is given to students enrolled full-time, at least 6 hours of graduate credit.

Students holding the following classification or status are not eligible for abatement funding:

  • Non-degree
  • Academic probation or dismissal
  • Enrolled in a fully online program
  • Certificate-only student, not also matriculated into a master's program
  • Joint program student whose home institution is The Citadel
  • Joint program student enrolled in Historic Preservation program
  • Accelerated Bachelor's-to-Master's student who has not yet earned a Bachelor's degree

How Abatements are Calculated

One hour of baseline abatement funding is calculated by subtracting the cost of one credit hour of in-state tuition from the cost of one credit hour of out-of-state tuition.  However, the final abatement amount is dependent on several factors:

  • How many graduate credit hours enrolled during each semester
  • A student's graduate program
  • A student's year in the program (first-year, second-year, etc.)

Questions about residency status should be directed to the Office of Legal Residency.

Current tuition rates are available on the Treasurer's website.

Contact Robyn Olejniczak with questions.