Graduate Research, Presentation, and Professional Development Grants

The Graduate School awards mini-grants to graduate students conducting research and presenting at or attending conferences related to their programs of study.

There are three types of awards:

  1. Research Grants: $250 - $500 per student per semester. 
  2. Presentation Grants: $250 - $500 per student per semester.
  3. Professional Development Grants: Up to $250 per student per semester. 

Students who apply for these awards are limited to a total of $500 per semester with the summer counting as a single semester. Normally, no student can receive more than $1,000 in a year or more than one award during the same semester. The funds for these grants are limited and will be awarded on a competitive basis by the Graduate School. Selection will be based on the clarity and quality of the project description, methodology, and relationship to the student's program of study. Preference will be given to research connected to external grants, thesis or internship completion, and independent studies.

Applicants must be a currently enrolled degree-seeking or graduate certificate student in good standing in a College of Charleston graduate program.

Students must submit their application to the Graduate School office at least two weeks before their proposed dates of travel or research. Applications received after travel or research has occurred will not be considered.  Proposed budgets must include invoices or cost estimates, and should be as detailed as possible.  Any projects involving animal or human participants must also receive approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Any students using potentially hazardous materials may need approval from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).  Students who receive grant awards must complete and submit a final report to the Graduate School office within six weeks of project or event dates.  Students who do not submit final reports will not be eligible for future funding and will have their diplomas withheld. 

For research grants, applications must include a project description (maximum length 1,000 words) containing a project abstract, a statement of project objectives and methodology, and a discussion of the project's significance and plans for future dissemination. A separate budget indicating how the money will be used must also be attached. Students should indicate if they have applied for or been awarded support from some other source. Recipients will be encouraged to participate in the 3MT Competition and the Graduate Research Poster Session.

For presentation grants, applications must include a presentation description (maximum length 500 words) containing a project abstract, an explanation of the presentation format (e.g., poster session, panel presentation), a description of the presentation venue (e.g., international conference, annual meeting), and a confirmation that the presentation has been accepted (or submitted). A separate budget, breaking down costs for transportation, food, accommodation, and registration fees should be attached. Students should also indicate if they have applied for or been awarded support from some other source.

For professional development grants, applications must address how this opportunity will contribute to a student's current coursework or career goals.  Applicants should include a separate budget that indicates the any costs, including registration, accommodation, travel, food, etc.  Some examples include attending a conference, professional meeting, or moderating a panel.       

Please note that grant funds cannot support every type of request, such as professional organization memberships, professional examinations or credentials, and fees for external program requirements.  If you are not sure if your request is eligible for funding, please contact the Graduate School.